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Because of the rich and untouched nature we see many possibilities to give our costumers great experiences. Doesn’t matter if you are a loner who just want peace and quiet or a group who wants to go for a sight seeing. One thing is for sure you won’t need to do the exhausting walk to your experience. Below we have some examples of what to do!

Canoe Paddling Paddle canoe in rivers and big lakes. We have the possibility to transport canoes and people with our helicopter. We have knowledge on where you will find the best rivers or lakes to do this.

Sight Seeing Sight seeing with helicopter is the best and fastest way to experience our beautiful landscape. With the helicopter you have possibility to cover large areas but yet not miss any details. Our AS 350 is very suitable for sight seeing since it gives all passengers a good view, its very safe and it’s comfortable.

Event We can help different companies to give their events that little extra. Helicopter flying pared with events will give the participants something extra to remember. It can be sight seeings, demonstrations or VIP transport. We can help you to create an unforgettable event.