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In these waters you are permitted to fish with traditional methods such as spin fishing and boat fishing. This doesn’t mean that they are unsuitable fly fishing waters, it’s of course allowed too. Below we have selected some really interesting waters that usually can offer good quality fishing.

For price info contact Fiskflyg Arjeplog +46 (0)961-582000 arjeplog@fiskflyg.se visit www.fiskflyg.se 

Bartaure: 30 km northeast of Tjärnberg. A big lake that belongs to the Skellefteå River. Here you will find good size Arctic Char but also Brown Trout. We recommend you to have a boat, you can hire a canoe from us.

Gardaure: 30 km north of Tjärnberg. A big lake that belongs to the Skellefteå River. Her you fish primarily Arctic Char but also Brown trout. You have running water at both ends of the lake. That gives the opportunity for variation. The terrain is beautiful with genuine mountain terrain. Mount Koustar is on the north side with its 1625 m peak.

Guijaure: 35 km west of Tjärnberg. A spring lake to the Skellefteå River. Beautiful nature with good opportunities for hiking and nice fishing.Price

Kuoddojaure and Vildok: 40 km northeast of Tjärnberg. Belongs to the Pitå River down stream Miekak fishing camp. Here you have beautiful mountainous nature combined with good fishing. Here you will find Arctic Char, Brown Trout and Grayling. The variety of species contributes to make this water exciting. You can fish in lakes and in wild rapids so you will have a great variation. The water is suitable for both fly fishing and traditional fishing. We have boats for rent so you can move in a comfortable way and reach all fishing spots.

Luspas, Vuordnajaur and Tjakkek: 55km west of Tjärnberg. These lakes are situated in a genuine mountainous environment at 900 to 1000 m above sea level. Here you fish Arctic Char and there is a chance for the big ones. Bring warm clothes for this location.

Mavas and Kaskajaure: 5o km north of Tjärnberg. Two big lakes with nice brown trout and Arctic Char. We recommend you to bring a canoe or hire from us since that he lakes are big. The terrain is birch tree forests with high mountains in sight.

Torpun, Tapmuk and Neitajaur: 60 km north east of Tjärnberg. Nice brown trout waters that reminds of Scottish highland lakes. There are not many visitors in this area so you will probably be alone. The terrain is quite friendly but still beautiful.

Pieskehaure: 60 km north of Tjärnberg. This is the biggest spring lake to the Piteå River. You have the biggest glacier in Sweden Sulitielma close by. That offers great sceneries. Here you will find medium sized Arctic Char but also some real trophy fish. 5 kg fish has been caught in this lake. We have a boat for rent so you can access all the spots in an easy way.

Råvvejaure: 75 km north of Tjärnberg. This lake is situated 933 m above sea level close to  Padjelanta National park. Here you have genuine mountain terrain with green slopes and also sand beaches. Here you can find big size Arctic Char. We recommend you to bring a canoe or hire from us. Bring warm clothes as well.

Låddaure and Loddesavon: These two lakes with rapids belong to the Piteå River and is situated in the Miekak Fishing permit. Here you will find Arctic Char and a very unique Brown Trout that only exists in these two lakes. We have boats here for rent. Please visit www.miekak.com for more information.

The Tjärnberg vicinity: In the vicinity of Tjärnberg there are many interesting lakes and creeks. You will find brown trout but also Arctic Char in some of the lakes. Don’t let the easy access scare you off, this area can offer quality fishing. And since it’s quite close by, the price will be lower as well. Please contact us for more information.