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Every year we fly a lot of tourist into the wilderness and everyone wants the same thing. Experience unspoiled nature and wildlife. The wilderness is very sensitive so it is very important that we all take responsibility. The helicopter contributes with CO2 emissions from fuel burn, that can no one deny. But in the same time the helicopter can offer a high grade of effectiveness when transporting goods and personnel without leaving any physical trace. In difference from quad bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles etc that also contributes with CO2 emissions.

An other but very important environmental factor is noise. Usually it takes one minute for a helicopter to pass by. It seems to be a short period of time but it can be stressful for some animals and humans. To avoid severe nose levels we try to fly high and avoid urban areas. We are also considering sensitive areas in the nature, as well as animals, both wild and tame.

To minimize the negative environmental effect of our operations we always try to fill up the seats in the helicopter before each flight. We also hand out garbage bags to tourists so they can collect their own and if found others garbage. We have the opportunity to receive all sort of garbage at our field base in Tjärnberg so it can be recycled. Our living is to transport people to unspoiled nature so let it be unspoiled.

If you have any considerations or ideas about our environmental work please contact us!