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In all operations we are led by one single philosophy and that is safety. Flying helicopter is a very safe way to transport personnel and goods but accidents happens sometimes. So it is very important that everyone who works with aviation emphasis safety as the most important part of aviation. So it is important to have a good education to start with, good routines, and straight forward communications, humbleness and respect. It means that we have to strive for almost perfect accuracy when doing a job and considering safety.

Such as judging weather, mass & balance calculation, fuel consumption and of course inform our passengers. Our goal is to inform every single passenger about safety and that everyone feel safe when flying with our company.


Important safety rules

  • Always listen to the staffs orders
  • Never walk behind the helicopter, the tail rotor hurts!
  • Do not throw stuff since it can hit moving parts.
  • Hold clothes and gear so it won’t blow away.
  • When loading and unloading please sit and wait 20m from the helicopter and hold your gear.
  • Do not approach the helicopter until the pilot gives a go ahead.
  • Let the staff load the helicopter and close all doors and hatches.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions considering safety.