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In Arjeplog municipality we have excellent fly fishing waters. The area can offer great diversity such as small lakes, big rivers, small creeks, lazy rivers. The water here is usually crystal clear and holds fantastic nature sceneries. Here you can fish Trout, Grayling and the fantastic Arctic Char. We will gladly help you to find the water you like but in the end it is up to you where to go. We can also help you with accommodation and guiding. Below we have listed some interesting waters. The prices are per person and it is helicopter transport only.


For price info contact Fiskflyg Arjeplog +46 (0)961-582000 arjeplog@fiskflyg.se visit www.fiskflyg.se 


The Pieske Stream, The stream starts at Lake Pieskehaure and ends in Lake Miekak. This water is a part of the Miekak fishing permit. The stretch is 7.5 km long with 3 km of calm water. The river floats trough a beautiful mountain valley and the river is surrounded by birch tree forests. The river is very diverse with wild rapids and lazy parts. Here you can fish wild Arctic Char and Brown Trout. The famous German fly fisherman Günter Frölich holds this water as his favorite, he has been fishing here every year for over 30 years. Here you live in the Miekak camp that offers great accommodation. For pricing and info please visit www.miekak.com


Sartajåkka Starts at Lake Vaimok and ends at Lake Sarta in the Pietå river valley. The stretch is totally 20 km long with 40% calm water. The landscape is open highland with impressive mountain peaks in its surroundings. Here you fish Arctic Char and Brown Tout. The char is usually found in the calmer parts while the trout prefers to be in the rapids.


Bartek Starts at Tsåkka and ends at Lake Riebnes. The stretch is 10 km long and contains 50% calm waters. The water is surrounded by birch tree forests but that is not a problem for a good fly fisherman. Here you fish Brown Trout and the size is good. Every year fisherman reports 2-3 kilo trout’s. The upper part of the stretch is restricted to a special permit that requires the fisher man to search for permission at the Provincial Authority. Application has to be handed in 1 of April.



Smoulejokka The stretch is 20 km long with 5 km of calm water. The terrain is open highland with some birch trees at the lower part of the stretch. The fishing is usually best around Lake Smoulejaure. The water is quite shallow and crystal clear and that makes the fishing challenging. But the price is usually good with nice big and wild trout.



The Veijje Stream From Lake Lutaure to Lake Veijjejaure. The stretch is 7.5 km long and is surrounded by birch tree forests. This is a very nice trout water. This water has the highest trout density in Sweden and its not just small ones. If you visit this place you will see big fish! The river is quite lazy with nice pools and it is very enjoyable to fish there.



Dellik River From Stigo to where Mattaurejåkko joins with the river. This particular stretch is 21 km and offers great diversity. You have wild rapids, lazy parts and interesting pools. There are also some nice and small creeks that joins the main river. The dominating fish is Brown Trout but there is a chance to catch Arctic Char at the upper parts. The terrain is low vegetation at the upper part and downstream you have birch tree forests.



Svalenjak, Sjkulnjak, Berdnak, Kuksek (“Golaselen”). This is four small lakes between the two big lakes Gardaure and Bartaure. Between these small lakes you have very nice streams that hold both Brown Trout and Arctic Char. The area can offer very beautiful nature with a deep valley and birch tree forests. This stretch was closed for many years but was reopened 2004.