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About Heli History The company was founded in the late 1960’s by the well known Arjeplog citizens David Sundström, Per Dahlberg and Per-Axel Andersson. They named the company Turistflyg (tourism flights in english). In the beginning seaplanes where used to transport fishermen and Laplanders into the mountains. In this period the well known hunting and fishing camp Miekak was built along the Pitå River. This camp became and still is a very important part in the company. There is a link on the head menu to the Miekak webpage there you will find information about accommodation, hunting and fishing trips. In 1985 the company was sold to Heliflyg in Borlänge a fast growing helicopter company at that time.

The name was changed to Heli i Arjeplog AB and the fleet was gradually exchanged to helicopters. In 1989 the last seaplane left the company. In 1992 Mr. Rolf Sundberg bought the company, he had been a pilot in Heliflyg since the beginning of the 80’s. Rolf has a good knowledge about the hunting and fishing in the area. And he is very experienced pilot with a good reputation in the business. In 1995 he was given the price for good entrepreneurship in Arjeplog. He had been marketing the hunting and fishing possibilities in the municipality in a new and exciting way. Present day We are and have mainly been operating with the French made AS 350 “Squirrel” also called A-star in the US. It is a very robust, strong and spacious machine.

The “Squirrel” was prototyped and constructed in the late 1970’s but feels very modern today because it was ahead of its time when introduced. It has gone through several improvements over the years with new more powerful engines and modernizations of monitoring systems. The “Squirrel” has become one of the most popular helicopters in its class and is operated all over the world. We have a wide range of costumers. For example tourists, forest companies, energy distributors, telephone companies, government, etc.

We do various photo jobs and charter flights for the local car test companies. We are well experienced when it comes to sling operations, we also have the opportunity to fly raw concrete. We also use modern GPS technology when flying various inspection jobs such as forest inspections. Whatever it is we will do our best to fulfill your needs when it comes to helicopter operations!

Since 2015 the helicopters are operated by Rotor Service Norden AB (RSN). A joint venture between Heli AB and Fiskflyg AB. Rotor Service are to maintain and develop flight safety, contact with the local CAA and maintain our AOC.


Since 2022 Fiskflyg has bought our flight operations. We will still operate our fishing and hunting camp Miekak.