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Here there is some information on the most popular sportfishing species in Arjeplogsfjällen. If you have requests or questions regarding what and whose you can imagine flying out and we will help of course.


Arctic Char (Lat: Salvelinus Alpinus)

Char is one of the most popular sportfishing species in the mountains. The fish thrive in cold water making its range limited to mountain range, with a few exceptions like Lake Vättern. Char has become a very popular sport fish during both summer and winter.Its beautiful coverage, exquisite taste and challenging fishing has made Char to many sportfiskares favorite. In winter caught Char successfully with large glare and maggot. In summer you can fish trout with spin or very effective from the boat with långedrag and mask. The most challenging fishing for trout is fly-fishing, it is skittish and very selective which helped to test the patience of many skilled fly fishermen. A well grown char caught on the dry fly are estimated by many fly fishermen high. The challenge should be tested by all fly fishermen.

Char is our pride in Miekak. It is very common in the entire area except for the Southern Peel mountain lakes. It occurs mainly in calmer water but also in running water especially around necks and mouths. In the area so you can fish Trout in lakes, ponds and streams. It is still our most important fish!



Trout (Lat: Salmo Trutta)

Trout is enough without a doubt one of the most popular sportfishing species in Sweden. It is widespread throughout the lands and can be fished in a variety of ways and locations. Lake, stream, River, Ocean, etc., The character can vary from timid insectivorous Brook trout very aggressive predator. Each has its own unique trout strain with its idiosyncrasies. Its coverage may vary and be very beautiful. What is common is its militancy and fighting spirit. In the mountains are fished trout mainly in summer with spin or fly. Whichever way you choose to fish for trout and that it will be challenging and entertaining.

In Miekakområdet, there is Trout in nearly all water except for a few Trout ponds. Its population and appearance varies between waters. In some water, you can get 3 different types of trout. In Låddaure, you can catch a unique type of trout found only in that area. It is characterized by much dots, dark color and abdominal kopparöd. Some fishermen also have mistaken this trout with char. Regardless of whose to fish trout in the area, there is the chance of the really big.



Grayling (Lat: Thymallus Thymallus)

Graylings is a favorite among many fly fishermen. Its pronounced insectivorous and want to watch has made it very popular. For it does not mean that it is always easy cached fish. The big Graylings can be very selective and morale high when they well cut. Its distinctive and colorful back sailing makes this beautiful fish easy to recognize. Graylings are a good food fish must be eaten fresh. Its distribution is primarily in northern Sweden’s coniferous woodland and lowland mountain areas. Graylings are common in running water but also occurs in lakes.

Miekak is not so renowned for its Grayling fishing but if truth be told, we have an incredible fishing pure, if you know that you’re going to be and at the right time. Graylings are found exclusively in the eastern parts of Sartasjöarna. That’s where its range begins in Piteälven.