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The hunting season for small game starts the 25 of August every year. In the Arjeplog mountains the main game is ptarmigan. The area offers 1st class hunting grounds and delivers great experiences. The valleys in Arjeplog are well known to hold a steady population of wild ptarmigan but also cappercallie.

We can offer our costumers great expertise since we are updated on where to find the game. We also have the unique possibility to over watch where other hunters are so no area gets to crowded.

A typical hunt for ptarmigan is with help from a pointer dog. The dog seeks the area for birds and indicates in its characteristic way by holding up and pointing the nose where the birds are. One or two shooters approach the dog and when they have reached the dog they command the dog to advance against the birds. They fly and then it’s up to you and your shotgun.

We can help our customers to arrange 1st class hunting packages or just flying them out to a remote location for those who want to be alone. We can provide good accommodation and professional guides. At www.miekak.com you can find nice information about our camp and what it has to offer. Contact us if you have any questions.