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When the company was founded the main operation was to transport people into the wilderness. That is still our main business and that’s what we are best at. Our helicopter has excellent loading capabilities and the capacity to hold 6 passengers. That means that we can offer the most safe and the most comfort able helicopter transports in the Arjeplog area. We can take you on fantastic site-seeing trips with incredible views. Or let you off at a mountain peak. Or just give you a fast shuttle flight from the Airport to your worksite or hotel. If you want to go hunting or fishing? We have good knowledge about the possibilities.

During the summer we fly from Tjärnberg, a village 70 km west of Arjeplog. It is a very good spot to start your wilderness adventure from. From there it’s easy to reach hunting grounds and fishing waters. Something we have a lot of in Arjeplog. Please click on the hunting and fishing links on the head menu!
We can pick you up at Arvidjaurs Airport!